Reviews for "Dr Who - BlaBlaBla Daleks"

Doctor Who Plot in a Nutshell:

best animation of dr who ever and I love the ending it made me to laugh so hard

Very good. Pish posh on the comment below of "you don't get Dr Who".. You got it exactly- it's a lot of random stuff that doesn't make any sense when you spend more than a minute thinking about it. Even some of the characters like River Song (as you showed here) don't make a spit of sense and are so terribly written as well, which came off very well here.

It was a good rendition for someone that I don't think really watches Dr. Who or gets it. It's the kinda parody someone would make if they had a roommate that was a fan and played it a little too loud in their room. Not bad at all from that stand point though.

This defies tweening.