Reviews for "Second Wind"

Really enjoyed this game. There are some bugs, as some have noted. The only bug that I experienced that I haven't seen in the other reviews is that I died fighting a god and never saw him again. I have a feeling that affected my ending.

Otherwise, the accuracy thing is a major problem. Enemies' ability to dodge seems to increase far faster than your character's accuracy. As such, the Psion was the only playable class for me, since I could spend 1 PP for a guaranteed hit. Some balance tweaking and debugging and this game would be awesome, with great replay value. I can see it as a mobile game as well.

squidly responds:

Yes, that's supposed to happen - if a god kills you, that's it.

Now the ending is actually different for something a wee bit else, it DOES have to do with killing/not killing gods, however :D

If it helps, my hint is that I call it the "perfect run" ending.

krilix awaits his greatest challenger the netherlands in his eternal aren he waits :) baddas game yeah though i must say dang this is so good pleas make episode 2 soon we al wait

squidly responds:

I do plan to make a game that takes the same idea, but maybe not a sequel.

Third Wind?

Wonderfull game and keep it up :)

Really great. So good the only things that need changing are trivial details. Still, there are those things. The most predominate of which is she you kill an "infinite flame" and it says "de ja vu," when what you mean is vu. just something that always bothers me.

This is possibly the best game I've played here

squidly responds:

Yay :D