Reviews for "Second Wind"

Nice game, haven't seen ANY bugs except for some medals such as "Hit level 10' not popping up.
Just a tip: Be an archer, invest in DEX and spam your Triple. Works really well against that drunk hypermage.

I'm encountering the very same bug that JackofPojo is in that, when you level up, your health resets to 0. This is a fatal bug that stops me from enjoying what is otherwise a very solid time waster. You say it should work, but... well, I'm still suffering from it. I will keep trying, and in the event the bugs are truly fixed, I will give you a higher rating. However, for now, this is all you get.

squidly responds:

It's gone now...

This is a lovely game. I genuinely enjoyed the variety of enemies and the humorous text associated with most of them. I also enjoyed the shift in mood when reaching the third level - a purely humorous game would lack depth, but this one hints at thoughtfulness and personal insight. I have not yet attempted the Nethack Difficulty, but I look forward to it soon.

The variety and originality of the playable characters was also refreshing. Though among these, it seems that the Archer stands in a category of her own. I have unlocked most characters (not all, yet), and it seems that the Archer is the only one capable of replenishing her defence points - and, to top it off, to attack at the same time. This is important because it seems that winning a battle requires first destroying an enemy's set defence value before attacking HP. Of the playable characters I've unlocked and the enemies I've seen, none but the Archer had the ability to replenish defence. After offering a bit to Armon, the armour god, the Archer was nearly indestructible for as long as needed to pound away at other enemies' defence.

In other words, after moving to the second (green) level i took no damage except from counter-attacks, which were dealt by only a few enemy types. Defeating the major enemies at the end has so far been no problem whatsoever.

So, I will look forward to future development of this game, with the possible addition of new ranged classes (the Archer is the only one) and the addition of characters who can replenish defence (the Archer is the only one). At this point, the Archer stands in a character class truly of her own.

squidly responds:

Now here's a helpful review!

As for the defense replenishing - the Warrior can do that as well, it's just he can't attack while doing so.

I've considered removing the Archer's defense bonus on "single shot" and replacing it with just a more accurate shot.

Though that means Archers become a heck of a lot more fragile.

Do I detect a Protomen reference? The Sons of Fate, specifically?

And this was a wonderful game...though I can only find 3 of the 4 endings. Really Bad, Average, and Great?

squidly responds:

Yep, nice job on catching that one, I was starting to get worried :D

And... You found the fourth "great?" ending? Impressive.

some of the medals dont activate when you do the stuff to complete them but awesome game nonetheless