Reviews for "Second Wind"

haha,the monk does a hadoken

cool game but its a bit stupid how you have to pay gold to counter for a rouge i know it would be op if you could but you could have made it so that you can only use it once in a fight or something

This is a pretty awesome game, I just came back to replay it, I am currently logged into my newgrounds from a laptop, so I have all of my medals. However, there seems to be an issue, I am unsure if it is due to the fact I previously stated. The issue being, all of my unlocked classes are now locked again, I have refreshed and they are still. Any ideas on what the problem is?

squidly responds:

Well, the classes are saved on a cookie, which is local to your computer.

I love this game, but there seems to be a glitch with the psion class, you can't kill enemies. They keep attacking even after they reach zero hp, I reloaded the page, and tried multiple times and kept experiencing this glitch.

Please make a third wind.

I want to award you a 100 stars.

What a game!! I love it! It's funny, takes some time to realize the best ways to kill monsters and is very, very addictive. Good graphics, excellent gameplay. Brilliant game!