Reviews for "Second Wind"

WTF a hour ago i played the game and died and unlocked tons of classes and now when i come to play all are gone like it didnt saved! Anyways the game is fun

takes an insanely long time to explore every time it goes to something new. Is this somehow just me on this game? I never lag on anything else btw.

Best game ever I love it!

Love this game, but there is a glitch with the Espers class. When you kill an enemy after using sense and hammer and the enemy's health drops to zero, it will still continue to attack you and the only way to get out of the battle is to run. Doesn't happen if you kill it another way, just after you use sense then hammer to kill it. Really annoying but everything else seems to be good.

The game is a very nice piece of work.My only complaint is that the green chests didn't increase my max hp like it was supposed to.But it's still a very good game.Sorry for the lack of detail.I don't see myself reviewing games anytime soon.Keep it up.

P.S.For any one gathering the tabletsin the third area here's a few lines I read during my run through
3.Armon gave it structure'
4.Krillix gave it soul.
5.Spediphis gave it depth'
6.Zorom gave it life.
11.Each gave their own'
12.Man from four.
13.Smith became his name,
14 One combined image.
15.Yet his power too great
16.His mind corrupted.
23.They fought back,
24.Not one a match.
25.Yet united,
26.They would undo him.
27.Yet in turn,
28.Undo themselves.
29.Taken to another plane,
30.A land of no harm.
31.But with him,they came,
32.Five in this hell.
33.Their powers weakened,
34.Their influence diminished.
35.Only in their dreams,
36.May they affect their world.

I've the general idea on what the story's about but I don't have all the pieces yet.Does anybody have any lines to fill the gaps?

squidly responds:

Check the wiki. And yes they do.