Reviews for "Second Wind"

The only problem I have with this game is that the charectors I had unlocked over many hours were gone when I came back to finish the awards for charectors.
otherwise the satiristic nature of the narrator/gravesigns along with this style of game is quite enjoyable for people with my taste of games.

squidly responds:

I honestly never knew WHY that happened and I am incredibly sorry it did. The weird part is that it happened to some players and didn't to others.

*MASSIVE SPOILERS* After I defeat Smith, the game automatically fades out, and it says "Oni unlocked" every time. I don't know if the fading out part is a bug, he IS the final boss, but that I repeatedly keep unlocking oni must be, right? *END OF SPOILERS*. Besides that bug, awesome game, it's perfect in all the ways I can think of!

nice game

WTF a hour ago i played the game and died and unlocked tons of classes and now when i come to play all are gone like it didnt saved! Anyways the game is fun

takes an insanely long time to explore every time it goes to something new. Is this somehow just me on this game? I never lag on anything else btw.