Reviews for "Second Wind"

Yo Squidify, whens the sequel coming?

squidly responds:


I genuinely love this game. While it's really nothing more than a battle simulator, it's still great fun to try and see everything you can possibly see before moving onto the next place.

However, a long time ago when I first played this game, I somehow accidentally unlocked a class called "Adventurer". It was insanely powerful, beat the game in under fifteen minutes with him. Since then, however, I haven't been able to unlock him since. I know the game is old, but could you perchance let me know if I was just dreaming? Or did I somehow slip through some crazy back-door in the game to unlock something that wasn't supposed to be in the game?

squidly responds:


You might have (somehow) encountered the so-secret-I-shouldnt-be-telling-you-this-but-the-game-is-now-two-years-old-so-who-cares Tester class I used to test the game. But that guy could blow through the game in MUCH less than 15 minutes.

The only problem I have with this game is that the charectors I had unlocked over many hours were gone when I came back to finish the awards for charectors.
otherwise the satiristic nature of the narrator/gravesigns along with this style of game is quite enjoyable for people with my taste of games.

squidly responds:

I honestly never knew WHY that happened and I am incredibly sorry it did. The weird part is that it happened to some players and didn't to others.

*MASSIVE SPOILERS* After I defeat Smith, the game automatically fades out, and it says "Oni unlocked" every time. I don't know if the fading out part is a bug, he IS the final boss, but that I repeatedly keep unlocking oni must be, right? *END OF SPOILERS*. Besides that bug, awesome game, it's perfect in all the ways I can think of!

nice game