Reviews for "Second Wind"

This game is so addicting it shouldn't be allowed to exist. For a game where you're just clicking two different spots on the screen, it's ludicrously fun. Nice Work

This is fun way to kill time (though the story is confusing). A strength of this game is its many classes because they create many options, which makes very few dungeon crawls the same, thus making it very replayable. The scale-it-up setting is useful, but the second plane has a very long grinding session if you get too strong for one of the shrines to appear. Another problem is that everything is suddenly untouchable in the second plane, thus creating much rage when I die because I can't hurt the scenery. Fortunately, playing as an esper fixes that, though my dream of one-shotting gods with my Darkfolk is eternally crushed. Aside from that, this is an awesome game, so double thumbs up.

squidly responds:

Well, get enough dex and you might...

As for the "everything is untouchable," I've been constantly nerfing their armor, I'll do it some more I suppose.

this game is good mama jamma

Amazing game.

i like reducing the enemies attack to below zero so that they actually heal me.