Reviews for "Second Wind"

addicting, i spent hours trying to figure the best way to mix and match my guy around
and guys, the by far thing is to get the bard and only work with his dex and arm. dont worry about pow at all and at every battle start with his legend skill then you can annihilate everybody with mock

squidly responds:

I gotta switch up the Bard, but maybe I'll leave him be.

fave game of the week.
i would give a 4 for the bugs but i see that you work on them.
probably i bugged the game too much though

about 4 days ago i had the potionpoison bug which killed you but you fixed it

today i found that gaining armor from amon you lose 5hp.
maybe it's not a bug and i haven't noticed before but i managed to get -35hp which killed me right at the next battle.
then i unlocked the rune of enragement achievement but necro decided that i didn't.
i'll try another time to see if i can unlock him but it doesn't look promising :\
is the max lvl 25? cause it stuck there and i though i got past 30 not sure though.

squidly responds:

Yes, the max level is now 25.

As for Armon, yep, that's the downside, just like any other church, one stat increases and another stat decreases.

I'm having trouble keeping the game muted; I turn off the sound on the main menu but once I get to the screen where you choose characters it comes right back. Other than that? This game has officially stolen more of my time than I care to admit.

squidly responds:

I've officially replied to more positive reviews then I care to admit, thanks!

"Simply" Fantastic.

squidly responds:

i c wat u did thar

Just like in Dwarf Fortress; Losing is fun!
But honestly, it's a great game. I love how you can upgrade yourself in a kind of RPG like way, and sometimes can choose between just heading on quickly and probably getting killed, or grinding EXP a little bit so you won't die right away. Having a few different classes is always cool, and I also really love that ironic humor with most enemies.
The only thing that kind of bothers me is that sometimes, certain things just seem to change randomly, for example, the EXP you get seems to vary a bit from time to time, even if you always play on easy, and on the second stage, monsters are sometimes impossible to hit. I tried it twice with a paladin and had about the same dex, one time it almost always worked, and one time, it literally NEVER did.
So I suppose that is kind of a glitch, if you could fix it, then this game would be PERFECT!

squidly responds:

Naw, you just gotta buff your dex - also, Paladins can offer and get a special bonus mid-battle.