Reviews for "Second Wind"

Fucking addicting and infuriating. Some of my medals aren't working, such as the Friend of Newts and Russel Crow medals.


Yo Squidify, whens the sequel coming?

squidly responds:


I genuinely love this game. While it's really nothing more than a battle simulator, it's still great fun to try and see everything you can possibly see before moving onto the next place.

However, a long time ago when I first played this game, I somehow accidentally unlocked a class called "Adventurer". It was insanely powerful, beat the game in under fifteen minutes with him. Since then, however, I haven't been able to unlock him since. I know the game is old, but could you perchance let me know if I was just dreaming? Or did I somehow slip through some crazy back-door in the game to unlock something that wasn't supposed to be in the game?

squidly responds:


You might have (somehow) encountered the so-secret-I-shouldnt-be-telling-you-this-but-the-game-is-now-two-years-old-so-who-cares Tester class I used to test the game. But that guy could blow through the game in MUCH less than 15 minutes.

The only problem I have with this game is that the charectors I had unlocked over many hours were gone when I came back to finish the awards for charectors.
otherwise the satiristic nature of the narrator/gravesigns along with this style of game is quite enjoyable for people with my taste of games.

squidly responds:

I honestly never knew WHY that happened and I am incredibly sorry it did. The weird part is that it happened to some players and didn't to others.