Reviews for "Second Wind"

This is a fun game, but you have to really understand its a roguelike and that means it won't be fair.
While the difficulty selection is very nice, its not a cakewalk and those who aren't used to this type of game take heed -randomness makes or breaks your game. I enjoyed all the classes and unlocking them.

I love this game, but there's a bit of an issue getting achievements, and as such, keeps me from unlocking the characters from those achievements. I already have a few of them, and I think that stops them from triggering in-game.

This is a great game with multiple choices, interesting plot and simple but engaging battle strategy.
Just one thing -- the random exploring is a bit rigged: there was one time when I did not even encounter an infirmary for 20 turns, and once I see 4 infirmaries consecutively. Also, the level jump in the dungeon is a bit drastic. Once I've reached the point of seeing the lonely adventurer and the drunken guy, the game becomes horrifying. I tried escaping 4 times and they all failed. They are wasting my potions and killing me out of the blue as they deals a rather wide range of damage so I didn't know whether I should use a potion or not.

good game lots of humor and strategy involved im going to get all the medals

good game overall.
I just hate how later in the game when I hit things it does no damage.

squidly responds:

Hit up the wiki for tips on how to keep yourself running in the late game.