Reviews for "Second Wind"

This is a great game with multiple choices, interesting plot and simple but engaging battle strategy.
Just one thing -- the random exploring is a bit rigged: there was one time when I did not even encounter an infirmary for 20 turns, and once I see 4 infirmaries consecutively. Also, the level jump in the dungeon is a bit drastic. Once I've reached the point of seeing the lonely adventurer and the drunken guy, the game becomes horrifying. I tried escaping 4 times and they all failed. They are wasting my potions and killing me out of the blue as they deals a rather wide range of damage so I didn't know whether I should use a potion or not.

good game lots of humor and strategy involved im going to get all the medals

good game overall.
I just hate how later in the game when I hit things it does no damage.

squidly responds:

Hit up the wiki for tips on how to keep yourself running in the late game.

What is that tune called before the final boss? Doesn't seem to have it on the music list.

I think I found a glitch in the game. Maybe I levelled up too much in the first area or something, but in the second (green) stage I'm unable to land ANY attack. I mean, 90% of the time they block it. All I can do is parry, and it's extremely tedious. Other than that, this seems like a great game! Maybe I'll just restart. If you could tell me wtf is happening, though, I'd really appreciate it.

squidly responds:

Low accuracy, don't rush to the DM boss fight and use the churches.