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Reviews for "Endless War 6"

super fun

Creativity/Originality :6/10
WWII might not be the most original theme, but the fact that you are a tank instead of infantry makes it a bit special.

Playability/Replay Value :5/10
It lags still with graphics low, maybe its all the particle effects?
Its sad that the campaign has no real storyline, and this is almost no differency from Endless War 5.
Maybe you could make it downloadable and add patches containing tanks and stuff instead of making a new game with the same mechanics.

Fun :6/10
It is fun, but feels like something is missing...

Graphics/Audio :7/10
The graphics were nice, and so were the audio, but why does the graphics make it lag more than a game like MW3?

Total :6/10
Its a good game, but it needs fine tuning, overall good job on this!

Maybe if you make a downloadable game that has updates, you could make us able to play different campaigns just as in Endless War 3.
And add different types of combat, Infantry, Armored and Helicopter?
That would be awesome, but, its still nice as it is!

I really like a lot of the aspects of "team combat" here, but also detest some minor flaws. Like drool so kindly and sensitively put it, this is really more like Endless War 5 with an added campaign and extra tanks with some additional upgrades. So it feels more like Endless War 5.5, because there's just not enough difference in core gameplay than previous installments.
It seems like you did some things to the main engine and might have worked out processing larger groups of enemies, but nonetheless this looks and feels like the last Endless War...which wasn't bad.

I think that this could STILL use some clean-up in graphics. I think that a lot of the combat dynamics STILL need work SIX games later. For example, my team dies either instantly or just disappears. I have no control over my allies, no control over the build of my tank, and machine guns don't seem to be able to even mow down platoons that are just standing around.

The game is also still frustratingly merciless about dying mid-mission. By having no incentive to keep trying other than the possibility of success, I think many players will STILL be put off.

Overall, I definitely notice a difference. However, it's not polished. Many of the flaws that have plagued earlier versions of Endless War are still present. There still appears to be no anti-aliasing on the graphics, and many enemies are still retarded. Also, in spite of many upgrades, it is still rather easy for my tank to just crash into a building and die after 10 minutes of grinding away at a level.

out of 10...
gfx - 6
sfx - n/a
gameplay - 8
concept - 7

BlackFox-of-ITMO responds:

I agree, this one (and the next one, probably) is just an additional Endless War 5 campaign. It's just easier for me to make 3 games for each campaign instead of making one big game with all three campaigns.
The only reason why the game called "Endless War 6" is to make it easier to find the game over the internet: when somebody is looking for a sequel of a 5th installment of a series he's actually looking for a 6th part, not 5.5 or something.

I'm going to bring back soldier-based gameplay in next EW games, but it will take much more time than making another EW5 campaign.

Oh look clone game. Instant no stars.

You did not actually improve the game any or if you did it's not noticeable at all.
Same graphics
Same Sounds
Same Obligatory war music.
Ai is still dumb as rocks.
and high range vehicles are still broken. even with out them the game is easy mode with air strikes.
Sure you added stuff to the game but does that actually improve it? no.

This game does not deserve daily any place. don't submit the same game with a new coat of paint.

i have nothing to really say about it. it is fun to play and some times addicting but there are like 2 problems.
1. is the waiting time for the next stage
2. number 2 is the most stupidest idea is to put downgrades with upgrades the whole point of upgrades is to make you stronger, faster, etc, etc not down grade your skills set!!!!!!!!!!!!!