Reviews for "Infectonator 2"

Really kept up with the series consistency. A really good game recommended to every one! I mean everyone above 13.
Your game is ridiculously awesome seriously.

Just like the first Infectonator, this masterpiece kept me playing till I destroyed every single city :-) Great game!

Fun and addicting. :D I think I'm going to play this for a while. Hoho. :D

I'll send you my bill when I get arthritis from playing this game. Seriously, when I close my eyes all I can see are flying coins. There really should be some kind of advisroy for this game.

Aweome game man, throw in a few more specil infected and you could probably make money on this thing.


Great game - a very addictive mix of chain reaction and upgrade game mechanics. Also incredibly crisp pixelart, which works at many resolutions. Good job!