Reviews for "Infectonator 2"

I love this game. It's very fun trying to kill everything very quickly with the special challenges. I'm still trying to find a way to tackle the hazmat suits in Japan, and Ramboo dude. Everything else my current horde can decimate in seconds. I like this one more than hot chase.

I am from Germany. I couldn't wait to play in munich. I knew it! You had to put the "F├╝hrer" inside, hadn't you? xD So much clichee!

Great game, anyway. I am addicted. So much fun. So much money. So much upgrades. OH YEAH.

One of my favorite games I have to say. It can get frustrating at times but if it didn't it wouldn't be fun right? A good thing about this game too is the amount of gold you receive from each course, It doesn't give you a mega amount nor a low amount. You can earn just the right amount to level up+buy mods+zombies. (many games seem to struggle with that)
It's also utterly fun challenging your friends in this game, It's a fun way to keep it exciting!

this game is my number 1 zombie game i have ever played in my life

A great game that built off the original and improved.

CAN get a little repetitive at times and some missions at the end will make you want to either kill someone out of frustration or adopt a puppy for emotional support while you try to defeat the secret base 2 for the 30th time. (YEA puppies!)

Over all a good time killer at work or at home.