Reviews for "Super Duck Hunt"

IT was good, but where does he ever save the day? Felt like it stoped eather in the middle or just before the 3rd act.....

fea-tures responds:

I dont know, he's only a Dog.

I think the narrator may have got your hopes up, sorry about that ;)

Thanks for watching!

This was quite the epic adventure starring the famous Duck Hunt dog.
Although, the storyline was a bit messed up and this didn't even have a conclusion.
So Shane, are you planning to continue this or what?


What to say?

First off, a lot of effort went into this, I can tell. And for that, you gain mega points.

Points for music, sound effects, characters, everything.

Everything but plot. I mean, the story was alright, just poorly executed in my opinion. It DID seem to drag, a lot, which took the gleam off of this for me. I mean, too much was going on at one time and the viewer is thrown about trying to keep up with it.

I really on kept watching because of the effort that was put into this. I do feel like a douchebag saying this cause of the effort but, it really didn't hold my interest.

Dog should have died ten times over I mean, the Hammer Bros chunked him and he got blown up how many times? In that respect, it kinda killed it for me. But hey, he's the hero, he can't die right? I get that, just don't make him invincible like ya did!

Bits just seemed... totally random, and where I'm an advocate for all things random; there's random, and then there's pointless.

Needle injection? Bacteria things hitting up his organs?? Unless that plays a part in the next part, I really didn't see the point.

Anyway, the music was great, and to see all the Nintendo related things was great, nostalgia ect, but that's pretty much it man.

Still, GREAT work, and I mean that. I do look forward to the next part, because I respect this piece cause of the effort you've put in. That really impressed me.

G'job Bro.

Can you please add a pause play fast-forward and rewind button? Besides that it was good.

Looks good but I am not down to watch 22 mins of this