Reviews for "The Brony Madness"

this is actually pretty good but i have to give you a zero on general principle.


From my point of view for this animation... Well, it was ok, but It was kind of ridiculous to have Madness People with Pony Heads (In which it kinda is creepy). I like how you did the animations, but it would be great if you made Pure Madness Animations.

AJ RD noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
and why thay have ahuman body

Phat-Rat responds:

I thought it would be cool to keep the human body,, but in the next part that does change! thanks for reviewing!

I have been a Madness Fan since its beginnings and a Brony since... March I think. I think this have potential. A few things:
-Faces! Applejack smiling all the time is a little weird xd, try using faces from diferent vectors.
-You have 6 characters ready to be used (even more actually). You could make a story with an interesting... plot (lol). Not just random shooting (unless that's what you want).
-Your music selection was good.
-Derpy eyes, lol.
I'm eager to see what you can do, Good luck!
PD: Brohoof!

Phat-Rat responds:

lol plot. I've actually got the main story laid out the beginning of the second part, it will be explained why this is happening throughout the second part. Thanks for taking your time to write this, it means a lot to me!
PS Funnily enough, March is around the same time I became a Brony. :D