Reviews for "The Brony Madness"

Ponies /)^3^(\
Madness Combat /)^3^(\
Madness Combat + Ponies = The fun has been doubled :D

Seriously, great job, bro. Nice animation, funny. Awesome :D

Phat-Rat responds:

Thanks /) ^3^(\

Honestly, this was an O.K Madness Cartoon. One I'm sure a lot of bronies will enjoy. The animation to me, felt way too robotic, and what I didn't understand is, why was Apple Jack shot in the first place, I mean wasn't she introduced as the main protagonist before Rainbow Dash shot her? Also you had a lack of posters and original
But what I like is how fluid the animation felt, it ran at a pretty steady paste. You also pasted the Heads and Eyes of the Ponies on the madness characters well. I also liked the Derpy Eye'd grunts, they added some much needed comic effect. Also I really liked how you used Rainbow Dashes ability to fly in this.
I'd like to see what you add on the next one, I'd like to see the next main protagonist (possibly a revived AppleJack or Rainbow Dash) to trick a derpy eye'd grunt to shoot an agent. It would also be nice to see AppleJack come back from the dead and be a Tricky the Clown like character.
This was a nice MC tribute that was nicely done for a first MC animation

P.S I'm not a Brony.

Phat-Rat responds:

I'm glad you enjoyed the animation. Thanks for the helpful review, actually helps me with new ideas. Thank you!

Thats alot of derpys.

Phat-Rat responds:

They are the best kind of guards.

LOL this made my day.

Phat-Rat responds:

Glad to hear that!

i like it but is this a death to brony thing if so..........dude SEREESLY

Phat-Rat responds:

Not at all! I'm a brony myself, I thought it would be interesting to combine madness and Ponies!