Reviews for "The Brony Madness"

Yes! I KNEW someone would make an animation like this SOMEDAY!!!

Phat-Rat responds:

No problem! Im glad you enjoyed it. Keep an eye out, more will be coming.

1. 2d side scrolling killing with bad cut outs of pony heads. really original.

2. no plot resolution with the main character dying for no reason. original

3. what does my little pony have to do with madness? nothing. if handled better there might have been something here

4. whats the point? or even more important what is the plot? why are the characters doing what they do?

you sir have reached a low that has been there since kids went on the internet. one that is not new or exciting, but ratherone that is bland, stale, forgettable, and full.

Phat-Rat responds:

Okay, I apologize my first animation didn't reach your expectations. I am still new to the whole madness scene, I understand that the animation does not have a story line, but I will be building one with my next part. Besides I only started this last week, didn't have much time to work with it. Thanks for the review, I'll make sure I fix my errors in the future!

Mixing ponys with madness is just...ridiculous.

Phat-Rat responds:

I'm not sure if this is a positive or negative review. Nonetheless thanks, and of course it is ridiculous, ponies cant handle the madness. :P

Pretty cool!
I'll be making sure to become a fan!

Phat-Rat responds:

Thank you!

Ponies and Madness? srsly?

Phat-Rat responds: