Reviews for "What Do You Think"

our getting a lot better keep at it

Just as good as any other Madness flash ever.

That was awesome! People will complain about the length and duration of this short, even I found it a tad too short but frankly just like all fellow artisans should do you sir have done and excellent choice here. I found the Style and Audio flawless honestly since you've synched the sound effects and the action well like true Krinkels fans know. I think you have the skill and the capabilities to pull off a perfect Madness montage to me. It will take time, planning, perseverance and above all patience to accomplish such a task and again I think you can do it! I want to give you a fair score my friend because for starters you did an wonderful job in my book and secondly its Madness Day! I can't help but support Madness based montages since it supposed to be a day to rejoice and celebrate Krinkels hard, creative works and above all to have fun as fans and have a merry old time! I'm going to give you a 3/5 and a 3/5 in voting power. Keep practicing, creating and contributing here. I hope you've enjoyed this review and have a wonderful Madness Day friend! Good day.

For being a sample of the animation to come, it looks great. The only problem I saw was the animation was a wee bit rough, and the sound effects seemed a bit grainy. Other than that, nicely done.

Its good, but very short.

MarcoCastro responds:

thanks this is just made to think what people think in my animation