Reviews for "Madness the Hell"


I like madness

So easy

Well...I played the game, and I have to say; I'm a bit disappointed.

Here's my review as to why:

-Gameplay is somewhat smooth
-Design is good
-Concept is original

-Controls are upsetting. This game is practically impossible for most people unless you're ambidextrous.
-Glitches are frequent and noticeable. The lava glitch, killing enemies from a completely different floor from you, and parachuting glitches are just the few to name in this game.
-Enemy battles are just ridiculous. There's practically no way to avoid getting hit with the majority of the foes you face, and the D button doesn't help since I'm a righty and I'm only best with my hand on the arrow keys.
-Worst of all, to the above mentioned con, health is very rare to stumble upon after going through (what I believe) is an Olympics of obstacles. WITH ONLY 12 HP.
-No guns. NO GUNS. This may be the first and only Madness Game out there that actually does not incorporate the usage of guns or at least upgrades the main character with one.
-Checkpoints and Save Spots could've been really helpful and reduce the complaints of people. After all, returning back to the Main Menu screen just by dying once is truly annoying.
-The music. Jebus H. Christoff, the music...Don't get me wrong; I love piggemz's Mad Madness, but listening to it while playing ANY type of Madness game is seriously distracting. Just the sound of boiling lava would've sufficed here, or at least would certainly have been a better choice than this song repeating OVER AND OVER again. If you disagree with even this though, then at least give players the option of shutting the music up.
-The game overall is just unbelievably hard. I find playing Madness Accelerant on Madness Mode a lot easier than this. Hell, I've never even got any further than those two giant monsters in that pit (which I'm assuming are bosses), just because at that point, I felt that the medal for this game wasn't worth it anymore.
-Speaking of which, more medals por favor. Just something to motivate people to keep playing mid-game.

Overall, this game isn't HORRIBLE. It's just feels incomplete. I do want to say that the author had a good thing going by making something original rather than the cliché: "LET'S GO KILL A BUNCH OF GRUNTS" ideology of Madness Games, but he unfortunately couldn't put it in order properly, which is understandable. Ideas that use Madness characters away from the Madness idea can be really tough to work out.

A suggested course of action next time though, if you plan on making a game a lot like this one, would be to have someone other than yourself test the game out and report glitches, inconveniences, etc. Possibly a friend or something. That way, you'll have a much accurate overview of your game. Because as of now, I find this game still between the fine line of "In-Progress" and "Complete".

This review was not here to put you down, creator. I'm just putting it here so that you can hopefully learn from your mistakes and do better next time. After all; practice makes perfect.

I'm not going to zero-bomb this since I'd be a hypocrite if I said making a flash game was easy. Because it's NOT. It takes a lot of dedication and time to make something even as simple as this. So 3 stars for doing your best and supporting Madness Day.

Don't give up bro and keep on trying. Let this be a lesson for your mistakes.

Good luck.


hank sinner