Reviews for "Random Madness Test"

good this was uploaded wen i wached! LOL!

great detail . check
awsome collab. check
and lots madness . CHECK

Love all of it, And, Happy Madness Day guys! :D

juanford66 responds:


Juanford66 - I like how you are improving but you stil need train hard some things. your action is slow and same and try to use your own character :)
Dj-janer - I like it at all, your parts have nice humor style keep it up.
Heragij - Man I love your parts I love your bloody style and action aonly your walkings are strange a little
Liuzirui1122 - your skills are finally improved and I like your realistic style..
Pootatoo - it looks not bad bout but your physics isnt good at all.
Spaderz - animations is good but it is slow and boring a little bit but i laughted as shit when I heard that scream xD
XomfgX - realy nice style but it was short.


juanford66 responds:

my test are a bit old, form 2-3 moths ago, aniway, my next project will be better about character, mmm could be but.... no if i make a character i wont use it, is not the first time that i tried to make one and in the end i didnt used it

haha finally released!

juanford66 responds:

yus, finally :P