Reviews for "Madness Clay Destruction"

Nice work! this was really a lot of fun to play, and clay rendered sprites were definitely refeshing! mustve taken forever!.
nice job!

Spudzy responds:

Yeah, it did take pretty long to do that. Cheers for the review!

This reminds me of coin operated from the ludum dare.
still, this game is just revoultionary!

I liked it. Madness, clay, and shooting games. A surprisingly good combination.

OH THE CONROLS! THEY ARE SOO SMOOOOOOOooooooth......fix dat shit

GG but i hate the fact that the controls could not be reseted to better controls like i want arrow keys but its WASD instead but still this game is fun with pun :D

Spudzy responds:

So you give 0 stars?