Reviews for "MD2012: Of Mice & Madness"

A bit dissapointed. Iw as looking forward as seein lennie accidently kill many bunnies and people with the look of one of the MAG agents on his quest for soft things to touch (the evil giant guys). Being too short I can't give much, i would have preferred a scene with them moving the bodies instead of text but..meh. half a star for madness, half a star for mice and men, and half a star for the time to make it

year 9 english gcse
pretty boring huh


Greencheekyconure responds:

What the fuck?

Your responses to the reviews are quite unprofessional & immature buddy.
The only relation to madness this has is the use of the faces, other than that: poor animation, too short, lack of sound & audio, lack of violence & no originality/creativity.
Half a star for some effort.

Greencheekyconure responds:

Thank you for an honest review, rather than there three words or less I've been getting.


Greencheekyconure responds:

Perhaps you did not read the description.
Let me copy and paste that for you.

'An animation for my English GCSE, where I wrote a short story about what happened after Lennie was shot at the end of of mice and men, I then made this animation.'