Reviews for "MADNESS : Family Duels"

it's a very good game but i need a check point ifi defated demois or sandford ether way please

zxzx8900 @ bro stand RIGHT to the man but do not go in the green shield so you atack him and the range of the sword is so near to him so you need to touch him i mean stand near the energy shield atack and after it atack him i mean slice him but the fcking bear long man with the hamer and those thing HE IS IMPOSIBLE

I Beated the last boss and i was feeling great but i was worried about you guys saying like lvl 2 or like robo jesus or even the code master but ill say this to everyone here This is possible to beat and if you dont make it try again and youll make it like me So dont say this is impossible IT IS possible to beat dont ever THINK you cant beat it theres some people out there who maked it and the other ones no but if you dont make its okay dont put your rage on it it supposed to be a hard game but dont do it its not his fault that he made the bosses hard he thought that it was okay but in a result no...So plaese dont rage on this game its not his fault :)

In the beginning, I thought the game would be easy. When Code Master, Robojesus and The Beast appeared, I easily took them all down. Really, I didn't die once against any of them (maybe I got just lucky). Damian was tough, but still not really hard to beat. Then, the final boss came. It took me more than a hour to beat that guy, and I died over twenty times in the last part. I passed it only thanks to the patience Geometry Dash taught me. But damn... man, the final boss fight was the shit (in a good way). That's what a good boss fight should be like. Difficult af and almost impossible to beat. The final boss deserves 5 stars, and to everyone who can't beat level two, or the final boss, or Damian or whatever: That shit is possible. Just keep trying until you beat it. That's a thing Geometry Dash taught me (totally not advertising), and it really works. Just don't give this game a 0/5 stars if you hit the last boss in the third area with 6 rockets and then get sliced by Robojesus. Try again, and you'll beat it. It's not really extremely hard, and in fact, I'd like to see even harder bosses than this one. :) thanks mate, stay awesome.

Very Well