Reviews for "MADNESS : Family Duels"

The game is great and really challanging, got stuck up on jesus.

This game killed my left hand.

(how to 1010111001 guy
wait until he touches the grown
becarful and don't get cubed
then slice him before he jumps back into the sky again
it takes 4 hits to kill him

pretty cool game, things really start to turn tables when you introduce us to your freaks, code master ? alright, not that hard. robo-jesus? well ok if you have good reflexes. the best can be defeated if you keep a look on those spikes and run away from her/him then when you see here teleporting, just blindly tap the A button because she always teleports infront of you. the teleporter guy is a little hard. but the final boss? just becaause of extra spikes otherwise, easy to defeat! got all of em . good work. but for the extreme difficullity you get 4.5

this game is impossible how do you kill jesus