Reviews for "MADNESS : Family Duels"

Fun, challenging and your violent scenes are much better! Good job!

A game is something you use to have fun. Challenging stuff can be fun.
Throwing us up against opponents that require nothing but luck to defeat, like all of your 'freaks' except the Codemaster, is not challenging. It's annoying, it's frustrating, and it's boring as hell.
And by the way, Hank could beat the hell out of all of your 'freaks,' and 'you,' at the same time.

53xy83457 responds:

The way I look at it there's me (the programmer), then Hank, the inverted comma freaks etc. (all the fictional characters that have to do exactly what I say) then at the very bottom of the food chain there's you, the player who's ass they kicked!

i can't defeat DAMIEN

Where's the defend button and F U button?

guns are for geeks and swords are for cool guys XD