Reviews for "Madness Defection"

While this animation is exactly the same as Kringels animation, it still had an original feel to it with new plot twists. The scene where Hank shot the lights out was unexpected and he and the clown battled in the dark.
The music was fitting to the action as well.
Overall, it was an enjoyable flash animation and I greatly wish all the best of luck to those who made it

Very good animation, Well put together ideas, such as shooting out the light and using a board, I especially loved the music, Could you post just the music, so we dont have to watch it for the Epic Music?

Stagnate responds:

You can find the soundtrack just beside the flash in Credits & Info.


Very nice, I thought it war really done by krinkles also you did a bad a** job yo

awesome rate 5 NEED MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
For a min there i thougt hank died lolzs