Reviews for "Madness Defection"

Sweet Ejreboha not miss Khco have beautiful things

While this animation is exactly the same as Kringels animation, it still had an original feel to it with new plot twists. The scene where Hank shot the lights out was unexpected and he and the clown battled in the dark.
The music was fitting to the action as well.
Overall, it was an enjoyable flash animation and I greatly wish all the best of luck to those who made it

Well i know that you are very good animator ( better than me ) . But I am a dissapointed a little and i tell you why.

Your animation skills are awesome, very smooth, physics is realistic and I like how you are making stab kills. those thing are right.

First of all ..
My pc is shit and I have slow PC. so I am almost everytime when I am watching movies here I want to choose low quality of screen... and you dont have any button for change.. but when I change it by my mouse - it will change back to high quality at next scene.... you should repair it . delete some actionscript or I dont know.
everytime you are talking about creativity and originality. but I didnt find anything creative or original in this movie.. maybe that C-4 kill. What I want to say. You should put into your animation something hard to kill. some boss or powerful agent.
End is the worst thing in this movie. It looks like you didnt have enough time for finish it. or you got bored and you decided to end it right now.

It isnt bad movie. it is nice movie but I expected more from profi animator like you.
People can enjoy it a lot but they must turn off their brain.
Sorry for bad grammar.

Great choice of music! This could even be a movie for what happened between Madness Apotheosis and Madness Depredation(minus the part were hank broke.) But great overall movie!

Great work as good as the original.