Reviews for "Madness Defection"

Nice job! Didn't expected that ending too :D.

epic animation .

that was epic! for a second i reaLLY WAS THINKING MY COMPUTER WAS ACTING UP again*srry caps*

I'm sorry man, but this just didn't interest me. Call it what you want, either way, it's still the same thing we've seen in every Madness Day. Aside from "this is bland" I can't think of any other comment to start on. What was mainly annoying, however, was the quality change. I have a really slow computer, so if I'm able to, I put the quality down to low. But every time it switches scenes, it goes back up to High quality. I will admit, the ERROR scene looked okay, but that's not really saying much.

OVERALL, not very good. Next time, if you don't have anything new and creative to bring to the table, don't bring it.

Very good animation, Well put together ideas, such as shooting out the light and using a board, I especially loved the music, Could you post just the music, so we dont have to watch it for the Epic Music?

Stagnate responds:

You can find the soundtrack just beside the flash in Credits & Info.