Reviews for "Madness Defection"

This was amazing. I had to check the Credits & Info just to see if Krinkels helped with this in any way. You improvised well on the ending, and the scene in the dark was done nicely. Keep up the good work!

That has got to be the coolest ending/improb effects possible.

Dude this was awesome but I have a question......How do you make this videos???? because I really want to make one :D

The ending was awful but the rest of the cartoon was good. The wooden plank-kill was very neat and i lvoed when Hank threw the one agent out a window. F***ING HILARIOUS! Btw, any progress on making a SFM flick?

I don't like the ending but i liked the rest

Stagnate responds:

I really dont care, you should be happy you even got an ending.