Reviews for "Madness Defection"

Pity that the movie got corrupted :c
It seems that anyone understood the ending
"I clearly explained that a bug forced me into quitting the cartoon"
I hope to see more of you in the future :3

I liked the plank part, and especially the awesome sound effects

Hey. I watch this everyday. It is like the best movie I've ever seen, with the best ending I also seen. Lacked with originality. When I watch madness movies or collabs, they usually make me yawn. But this one is the greatest so far. You have also picked the best musics for your movies, which makes it much more better! I want to see more from you, but I'm pretty sure you have the greatest ideas now!

The best animators I'm seeing right now are you, Djjaner, Ellvis, Dudingdarn, DIMB, Kelzad, and Gibb50! And these are the people who are so original! I would really flip out,and fall from a building, and die when I see more of your amazing works! You deserve a lot of good stuff! Have a nice dai.

The plank part was brutal as hell!

very good