Reviews for "Pencilmation #27"

I'm just really surprised that you submit here on Newgrounds, this is NOT your target audience. Though, I suppose what I'm really saying is that the audience here on Newgrounds is no longer who it used to be. Your animations are very well done, it just surprises me that it's so well received on this site. Anyways, #27 huh? That is quite prolific, you seem to be doing very well for yourself, good sir.

captainmcross responds:

It's always surprised me that Newgrounds reacts so positively to Pencilmation, but I always keep submitting them.

Red Bull gives you wings.

it was geat and haliarios! keep on maken em' :D !

Who could hate your animations!? love it!

Awesome! The chef's 2nd meal reminds me of butts...