Reviews for "Deepak Fights Robots"

I LOVED the music, the graphics, the gamestyle is so simple and yet is really fun. This game is unique in many ways. Good work man, good work.

Delightful game! Reminds me of a harmonious blend of Bubble Bobble and Pacman.

The art-style is incredible. It's bright and colorful, but decipherable. Many games that I've played that use a lot of bright colors (or dark colors) make it difficult to discern what is background, foreground, friend, foe, collectible, et cetera. Your game does not suffer this problem.

I really enjoy the music. It takes me back to the superb soundtrack of the Spyro trilogy on the first PlayStation.

Excellent work!

--mister. jones

Kinda reminds me of pacman. I like it. Good job.

i got the cant del the inevitable medal and another one but its not sayin i did on my acc

this is one of very few games today that can call itself original. bravo sir, bravo.