Reviews for "Deepak Fights Robots"

Delightful game! Reminds me of a harmonious blend of Bubble Bobble and Pacman.

The art-style is incredible. It's bright and colorful, but decipherable. Many games that I've played that use a lot of bright colors (or dark colors) make it difficult to discern what is background, foreground, friend, foe, collectible, et cetera. Your game does not suffer this problem.

I really enjoy the music. It takes me back to the superb soundtrack of the Spyro trilogy on the first PlayStation.

Excellent work!

--mister. jones

Kinda reminds me of pacman. I like it. Good job.

i got the cant del the inevitable medal and another one but its not sayin i did on my acc

this is one of very few games today that can call itself original. bravo sir, bravo.

FANTASTIC GAME, so colorful !!!!