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Reviews for "Unbelievable Sniper"

First of all, I absolutely LOVE the way it was made. A sniper that doesn't kill anyone is a brilliant idea.
Somehow, I feel that sniper games and stickmen work perfectly together. And besides, this game isn't about the graphics, in my opinion.
Struggled a bit through some levels, but hey, it gave me a feeling of accomplishment every time I got a medal.
Waiting for the sequel. Great job!

io3creations responds:

I'm glad you enjoyed it the way I intended the game to be. :)

For me, the hardest is mission 10 on harder difficulty because I have to maintain the same position for 8 shots while the scope is always moving randomly... the targets moving in a circle also causes it to become more difficult... and the wheel becomes faster with every shots...
It is a really great game.... a refreshing concept rather than the usual sniping for stickmen and see they die...

io3creations responds:

Strange. The wheel shouldn't start speeding up. Maybe it appears so or something strange is happening. :O
Other than that, I agree :)

Great game! 10th mission is SO hard though (finally done everything on hard after about an hour of trying) :D btw if you're having trouble on level 10 i suggest using the first scope, zoomed all the way out and have the scope as big as possible. i don't know about everyone else but it really helped me. :)

the game was great the hard part was the burning house