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Reviews for "Unbelievable Sniper"

Try lvl 10 its a NIGHTMARE

Level 9 is impossible

The puns... are too much.

Great game, well made and no noticeable glitches. Good job.

Quite a fun game. Definitely a nice spin on a sniper game, considering that you never really had to shoot anyone. (At least, that's as far as I got.) I'm not too good with these types of games, but the missions were fun and creative. I'd love to see more of this!

io3creations responds:


Chances are ther will be a sequel ;)

The game starts off really fun then moves to being challenging, but, as I like a challenge, still fun. Near the end, though, the difficulty ramps to a point of being almost unplayable. The Ferris Wheel level for example had me grinding my teeth and frustrated almost to the point of quitting the game. As I as usually a completionist when it comes to flash games, I stuck it out until I finally lucked out after (my estimate) 35-45 tries on the Ferris level. It was a nice enough game I supposed though it doesn't much stand out from any other stick person/sniper game. 3 stars sounds fair enough to me.