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Reviews for "Unbelievable Sniper"

...this game is tooooo hard!
but i beat it at the hard mode!
kkkkkkkk, all missions!
and of all the hardest one is the 10th mission...
anyway i like this game, its really hard
but i already beated hardest things... so was not toooooooooooo hard...but it was a lot

io3creations responds:

The important thing is you finished it :)

Not bad, but level 9 instantly give me a mission failure. Still some bugs to be worked out then.

io3creations responds:

That hasn't happened to me but as with any complex system unpredictable issues can pop up here and there.

Fun game. Has not a lot of originality besides the 'save people instead of shooting them' part.
Got all medals then remembered I wasn't logged in. ;_;

io3creations responds:

The game also stores save data locally (assuming your computer is set up to allow it). Log in, reload game. See more tips in game description.

this guy is such a wanker, I want to beat the crap out of him everytime I fail a mission because he's such a douche
instructions are terribly unclear, missions fail you where you really should have passed, way too many achievements
there should just be an achievement for completing the game because you managed to understand the instructions and not break your computer because of the douche guy
such a crap fucking game
fuck you
all my hate

Dear people of level 10, I am sorry that I both could not save you (even though I DID successfully detach all the gondolas) and that I vomited profusely upon your corpses due to the severe vertigo the poorly thought out level gave me. I must now go take some aspirin for the migraine I now have and lay down.
ps: Why bother having a timer if the level ends before times runs out? The ferris wheel rolls off the end of the pier with a few seconds remaining.