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Reviews for "Unbelievable Sniper"

this game is broken. Level 10 is won by pure luck of weather or not the game decides to let the ferris wheel gondola's get shot AND you have to then let it decide IF it wants you to win. Please do no submit broken games.

io3creations responds:

Some call it luck, others call it skill ... ;)

The bullet physics on the 10th mission is god awful. And the time is actually cut short by 4 or 5 seconds which I ACTUALLY NEED. D: I seem to save everyone except for the same 3 or 1 people/person. Frustrating.
Although, a sniper game that disallows killing is a just a bit original. I've seen other sniper games that don't allow killing but this one actually focuses on saving people? That's original. :D As far as I've seen anyway.
Random story line is random. I wish there was a bit more of flow to the story and not random scenarios that seem to build off of each other in the wackiest ways. Well, you could do that but could the sequel actually have a legit story other than a sniper telling a tale in a bar? Sure, you could switch between scenes but... well, the story sucked.

io3creations responds:

Well, since the various events (missions) are happening at various places and times during the day, chances are they are not going to make a good story.

I'll think about it and if possible I'll do one connected story as you mentioned :)

good game I just don't have the steady hand to make the small agustments needed in the game. lvl 10 you can just camp, but most of the other lvls you need more cordination than I have.

Strangely enough i didn't have too much trouble with level 10, it's level 9 i found difficult :/ although it was a little hard overall, it's certainly an original game.

+ if u you think the 10 mission is hard