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Reviews for "Unbelievable Sniper"

This game is not your typical sniper game. Instead of assassinating your target, you save them from terrible events such as falling to their death, explosions, and other stuff. I also like the fact that you can switch scope visors, which sometimes help you out. It also has an amount of physics puzzles which are really challenging (DAMN YOU FERRIS WHEEL). However the last level seems broken, the stickman does not seem to take damage, and thus I could finish the level with a par of 19 in 4 shots.
Other than that : a good game which distracts from the absence of Stickman Sam 5.

io3creations responds:

I'm glad you enjoyed the game :) Yes, StickMan Sam 5 is coming soon ;)

Thank you for mentioning the last level. I disabled the damage to test something and was sure that I enabled it but apparently didn't :S However, based on the feedback, by the time you pass Level 9 and 10, you have the skills to finish the last levels easily :D

Level 9 is broken. You can't compleate it.

io3creations responds:

If you read others' comments and look at the medals on their NG account pages, you'll see that it is possible to complete that the game.

That frickin ferris wheel...

Remember, you're submitting a REVIEW for this CONTENT. This isn't a place for you to make smug jokes, post stupid nonsense, or act like a total jeIstvanOrosi responds:
Well, since the various events (missions) are happening at various places and times during the day, chances are they are not going to make a good story.

I'll think about it and if possible I'll do one connected story as you mentioned :)

Completed in harder lvl.. YEAH! It's a good game and v challenging, especially lvl 10. There are still a few bugs like when i got all ppl down at the ferris wheel for the first time and still it showed me mission fail. I managed to do it at second try. good job :)