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Reviews for "Unbelievable Sniper"

really nice game, it shows snipers in a whole new spot
as helpful everydays-heroes :)
it is great

to the persons, which got stuck at lvl 3, shoot the tires twice

At lvl 3 I shoot the tires, but nothing happens and I still fail the mission. Maybe it's some kind of bug, but it's really annoying. Please fix it.

I thought this game was a really well thought out idea. It's a really nice patient game, not one for the quick explosions per second type shooter.

I actually liked how Level 9 had to be completed. It was a really nice idea. The idea of shooting the platform to cause momentum and then timing the shifts to place the person into safety. That was a really neat idea and it felt great to discover it.

Keep it up!

io3creations responds:

Thank you! I'm glad the you (and many others) enjoy my "puzzle oriented" sniper game. :)

How do you beat level 9, so frustrating

io3creations responds:

There is Walkthrough button in the menu during game. Or you can find the link in the game description. ;)

Was good but basic. Level 9 was too hard...or I just suck.