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Reviews for "Unbelievable Sniper"

The hardest was the 10th mission you should position your sniper on a part where you could already shoot so it would be easier

10 mission is hard
i complete game in harder

Nice game, pretty difficult but not too difficult. I was trying to complete the game on Harder difficulty and perfect par, but I don't see how to do level 8 in only 17 shots. I get 18 shots every single time. I only see two areas where the sprinkler is poking out a bit behind the planks, but if I try shooting it, even if I get it perfect, it says I shot the plank. Only thing I can think of is if there is a particular order to follow. I tried looking at the walkthrough, but it's not exactly a par walkthrough.

The game slows down a lot and then speeds up really fast to catch up, this is especially troublesome for the helicopter level and the fire debris. It seems like when the level first starts out is when it glitches. Otherwise well put together game.

All medals...pretty damn hard...