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Reviews for "Unbelievable Sniper"

It's a fun game. Isn't he the one who you play as in the game. I don't remember what it was called "stick Johnny"? Oh well i had fun playing it

i liked it :) even though to me it was a little hard ( i just can't aim anyway) but a really creative shooter game with the sniper being well a good guy that prevents harm.

Wait a second....da hell?! a sniper who helps people and doesn't shoot them right between the eyes?! well that is surely a new for me :P it's a nice game but that doesn't mean you should relax just yet :P. It gets a little challenging at a certain point which makes me both happy and angry to see and there were some nice stages too...and all the changes you can apply to your aim? sweet :] however i do feel urged to say that it would've been way better if the graphics were nicer so i'll have to say 3 stars. Keep it up ^ ^

Hell, I dunno but I really like this game. It's not like great creation that I like replaying over and over but I spend very fun time playing it. Best thing is the choise of viewfinders- that's really suprised me and I find this fucking awesome. Maybe next time try to make more interactive enviroment, like dieing people when you shoot them or something. Good luck and lots of prosperity.

Mild game but still it was made very simple and fun.