Reviews for "Unbelievable Sniper"

perfect. the intros for every level sucks, but fun missions. 4.5\5 stars.

Sorry I didn't really enjoy it. The sensitivity was way over the top and the controls bugged out a !lot

Fu*king hell it sucks

its okay

Good game, but a bit illogical. I know it actually is supposed to be illogical, but a couple things just actually make no sense even from the point of view of listening to a story. For example:

How exactly is the mission failed if the reporter lands on a building instead of the cot? Does everything of screen suddenly die as soon as it leaves the screen? If so, how'd the guys with the cot survive?

Also, any time when you have to land directly on something. It makes sense in the balloon level, but how does aforementioned reporter immediately die on impact with the ground, regardless of whether or not he hit the cot first?

Otherwise, a pretty fun and challenging game, despite that there doesn't seem to be any difference between the difficulties aside from a slight sway increase.