Reviews for "Sburb"


This does not even slightly resemble "entering Sburb". If you'd admitted in the game's name, title or description that this was a SBaHJ game, I would have given you more stars for so faithfully reproducing the ironic suck that is the SBaHJ world. As is, however, this game is just a bait'n'switch. If you call your game Sburb I'm going to expect more out of it than SBaHJ.

Simply amazing. The game feels incredibly true to the source material! Well done!

I'm a fan of Homestuck, but just because you base your game off SBAHJ doesn't mean it should look like, wwhale, like CARP.

Way too easy and took a while to load. Try to take the load time down a bit if you can. Also, try to make it longer and possible add some music.