Reviews for "Sburb"

wut da fuk!? I was expecting some REAL shit here! XC

ThIs Is NoT sBuRb ThIs Is MoThErFuCkInG sHiT hErE

I gIvE yOu OnLy 0/10 MoThErDuCkInG sTaRs FoR tHiS cRaP

HoNk >:o(

its not sburb its the stuped thing agien i hate them

THAT IS INCREDIBLE!i cant believe how empty my life was before that! 10/10!

Wow! The stable release for Sburb was way better then i expected! I felt fully submersed in the game, the plotline was amazing, and the graphics were godlike. I've already gotten god tier, and I'm truly anxious to fight my land's denizen! I hope it can keep up with the reputation the rest of the game has given me! 5 stars, best gameplay experience of my life.