Reviews for "Sburb"

This is not funny, this is not cool, this is not skilled, this is not educational, this is not even remotely interesting. Why the fuck is this front paged.


I voted two, but I like it ish. It's kinda funny...
What can one really say?

All My Hate

oh god
a sweet bro and hella jeff game seriosuly?
i don't know if you're hussie or just a fan but honestly? awesome XD
i personally don't like sweet bro and hellajeff but it's neat to see someone is so devoted
to people who think this is shit
let me tell you about homestuck XD

homestuck is a comic from andrew hussie. The chars you can play in this littel flash are sweetbro and hellajeff who are from a webcomic inside of his comic they are drawn super bad on purpose to make it all "ironic"