Reviews for "Days Of Blood"


Awesome game!

I love submission that actually challenge your skill and endurance, not the regular teenage-casual oriented gameplay. I liked everything in your game - starting from sounds, art, the girl (awesome work!), death scenes, enemies and difficulty.

My only suggestion would be to add a medal for killing all 666 enemies without dying.

bnpla responds:

I added a medal called "Epic" following your suggestion if you beat the game without dying.

Amazing game!
You should realy add an upgrade system or an armagedon mode were there would be like 6666 cultist, zombie or monster to kill! The game is perfect!

Also i athougth of a joke about this! (Knigths figth for Honnor, Integrity And GOD LIKE BOBIES!)
Ps:This joke does not represent my idea of a knigth and my moral values

bnpla responds:

i will add an upgrade system and more monsters in the sequel which i'm working on right now!

The gameplay was simple but oh so addicting. I can't help but be impressed with how smooth the movements are. The music went along great with the fast pace of the game. Overall, this game was amazing.

fucking awesome