Reviews for "Days Of Blood"

Awesome game!

I love submission that actually challenge your skill and endurance, not the regular teenage-casual oriented gameplay. I liked everything in your game - starting from sounds, art, the girl (awesome work!), death scenes, enemies and difficulty.

My only suggestion would be to add a medal for killing all 666 enemies without dying.

bnpla responds:

I added a medal called "Epic" following your suggestion if you beat the game without dying.

loved it! I enjoyed how fluid it all felt. looking forward to sequel!

Rules of awesome.

Tits (at least a pair) - covered
Bloody character - covered
Arbitrary graphic violence - covered
Evil cultists - covered
No wussiness allowed rule - covered

Positive for awesome. u.u'

Why!? Why is this game so perfect!? I can't wait to see what the sequel would look like! It looks like a big story is going to brew up here! This game is very addicting and fun. My motivation was to kill all 666 enemies with three lives to spare, and I did it! The only time I would lose a life is if I had died. (That's because I am a good at protecting!) I like the simplicity of the games' concept! extravagant cover-box by the way! The lucid controls make the game beatable, but sometimes I would get confused with W and S. But that's just beginners idiocy. I have gotten over that.

The music wanted to make me grab a pole and start to bang random people in the head with it and rip my freaking face off! That music is capricious! I wouldn't recommend this to ALL players, but I would recommend this to hardcore players. This isn't some game you can just automatically be ultimate at. This tests your reaction times... HARD! It is extensive and gruesome, so be prepared! I really can't wait to the sequel comes out! It is going to be wonders! You did a magnificent job with this game, even though it is quite simple.

fucking awesome