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Reviews for "Days Of Blood"

This game got funny-weird physics, but it's really catchy, the music fits just great in a modern-medieval-kickass character. I would totally buy a game like this with an envolvent history.

Awesome scary hard game, found it because you used my music in it!!!

This is the first time my music has been used and to be used in a game with 220k views is epic. Let me know if you want to work with me on any future games :3

bnpla responds:

hey the game got almost 1 millions views from arround the web!! 220k only in this webstie ^_^
Yeah i will let you know. You know how game making is, specially if you are a one man team, things can get slow.

Wow, this game is really hard. I like it!!!

The game is good, but 666 kills? Really? Even with six lives, it's so far been impossible for me to kill that many enemies. I've almost gotten to 200 kills once, but I've never even been able to come close since. I'd rate this better if it wasn't nearly impossible to complete. A challenge is good, but making an impossible game for the average person isn't.

is it even possible to get all the kills, i mean, i can barely kill 10 with the 6 lives