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Reviews for "Days Of Blood"


Now, although the concept of the game is REALLY simple, it's not THAT simple. This is the most insane game I've seen in a while. And i'm trying REAL hard to find a fault in the game. It's a pac-man easy idea, but doing it is a LOT more of a challenge. Not only that, but the graphics, blood, gore, music. Every thing is hit of JUST right. Now, where is that Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch when you need it??? But i have a challenge for your team. Redo this in another game, but on a larger scale. And still keep the epicness of this at the same time. I remember Games like Dragon's Lair. This stands REALLY tall, and is a Definite reminder of of gaming history. But i do have ONE issue with the game......can we make a six star rating for it??? Seriously, This is just that good for the genre....Whomever you are, Mr. Producer, you REALLY know your Hack and slash!! I could keep going with the comments, but the game is just too good to stop playing. So, i'm going back to killing the baddies......thanks for the game. Make another!!!

Awesome game, gonna play it again sometimes ;)

Realy cool, but why the Pause-Button is on P ? ... i always fail at get back into game xD .. anyway 4.5 ... more Blooooooood :P

uh... ok... i don't get the point of the goal i'll give you points for creating this but...