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Reviews for "Days Of Blood"

SOOOOOOO HARD i was supised i even got to 100 kills if you get all the acheivments of the game pat yourself on thew back your a true player

Could you add a way to continue without having to lift your hands from the keyboard? Perhaps the space bar or the C key as a shortcut? It's a bit annoying having to reach for the mouse when you die, since it seems unnecessary.

I like to keep the mouse off the game's screen which means I've to move it onto the screen and away from it each death. I know it sounds lazy but it would make for a more seamless experience.

bnpla responds:

Done, refresh the page once you play again, now you click A to continue, and S to quit once you reach the die screen.

Really enjoyed the game, but my PC sucks =/

You should put Quality Settings! Plz!!!

Enjoyed the game, seems pretty smooth with the fixes you've implemented. Something i might suggest as a possibility for a future installment would be perhaps a block button to counter some form of ranged attacks? If you did decide to implement a health bar system, you could have a button for kicking away grappling enemies to get around the instant death scenario. I think the trophies kept me going through this, as the ending would have been very disappointing without them. Looking forward to the sequel!

bnpla responds:

In the sequel i'll make sure the cutscenes are a lil bit more rewarding. And there wont be "one hit kill" based, it will have combat.

A very fun game. Bigger screen is better if implemented, it's quite a sore to my eyes