Reviews for "Days Of Blood"

Game MUST NOT have bad english in description-broken
Game MUST NOT have one hit kills for player-broken
Game MUST have unlimited lives-broken

I really like this game but after a while the game moved faster and faster and i couldnt keep up with the enemies movements then i died. And again i like this game

ya the update made a glitch where the a=continue screen shows up and does not go away and the game keeps playing

bnpla responds:

OMG! Ok ok, it should be fixed now! I hate collateral bugs, lol.... it's fixed everyone! Refresh the page!

The game looks nice, but after you died for the first time, the screen continue/quit won't disappear. Even after a restart via quit. So I cannot play it. Graphics nice, gameplay fluent, but doesn't work properly.

Like your game alot. Quite challenging. But changing CONTINUE and QUIT to A and S doesn't seem to be the best idea. If you die by using your shield, you can quit the game by mistake. Why not use C and Q?

bnpla responds:

it was because of a bug... the key binding was firing to early, now it should be fixed.