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Reviews for "Days Of Blood"

Not saying it's bad, but sometimes I wonder if the developers ever played through the thing to see if it is possible to win it.

bnpla responds:

well, me as a developer know that there are people out there that are hardcore gamers, that will always beat any obstacle. I played the game a bit and added a bit extra of enemies to make sure a better player than myself can have a few minutes extra of gameplay.

First comment of 2014 - Can I bang the hot chick now? ;)

how does one get the portal an pervet achievements???

bnpla responds:

portal you have to go from one side of the room to the other by going out of screen.
Pervert, i dont need to say where you have to click...

I like it. I'd like it a lot more and even give beating it a shot if the screen wasn't so ridiculously tiny. At least give us the option of having the screen scale with the flash window. I imagine most people have 1920x1080 nowadays and the figures are microscopic on 17 in laptop screen.

Very nice game! I have a complan though, I restarted a game wth the "D" button, and once I did the 666 kills without dying, the medal didn't pop. I supose that it oly works if you go back to menu and begin again, but it should work also if you restart.